Thursday, May 26, 2011

Stampin' $10 Grab Bag

OK, I have been working on the goodies I received in my $10 Grab Bag and you are going to be shocked how much I was able to design.  I ran out of steam and saved some of the goodies for another day so I will show you what I saved and you will see these items used at a later time.

OK, here we go!

In addition to the flowers on these cards, my daughter made 9 more just like them that she put magnets on the back of and placed on a friends locker at school as a surprise birthday decoration.

All these cards and the cards above have envelopes to go with them (these came in the Grab Bag).

Ok there is more, the rest are scrapbook pages I put together with Grab Bag Items.

I was so excited to the see the princess and fairytail products I found in my Grab Bag (remember all bags are different).  We have so many Disney pictures I still need to scrapbook and these pages will be great for those photos.

These next three photos are of a Progressive Scrapbook Page like I had a few days ago.  The first photo is of the 6x6, second the 8x11 and the third the 12x12.

On all these scrapbook pages I had to use my own 12 x 12 pieces of card stock, 8 in all.  Adhesives, stamp sets and inks were also mine and did not come with the Grab Bags.

The final two photos are of the items I had left over.  Tons of flowers, three envelopes, 5 buttons, more felt flowers and over 14 feet of ribbon.

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